If interested in discussing one of the described topics, please send to the provided contact person(s):

  • a complete CV, including, for PhD topics, the exams taken during the University degrees (including the MSc final degree), with grades, and a link to the MSc. Thesis
  • a 1-page research statement showing motivation and understanding of the topic
  • at least one (PhD topic) or two (Post-doc topic) contact person(s) who could act as reference(s)

This material, and any request of information, should be sent to the reference contact point(s) for the specific topic, with subject, respectively: Research Assistant: <topic>, PhD scouting: <topic>, or Post-doc scouting: <topic>, where <topic> is the title of the topic you are interested. Applications for more topics are allowed. Although we encourage candidates to apply for specific topics, they may also express their interest for an entire area (in case more topics are described in a single area).

Expressions of interest will be continuously considered upon reception. Interested people are strongly encouraged to send expressions of interest as soon as possible.

PhD info

IIT-CNR is part of several PhD programs including:

A subset of the received expressions of interest will be invited to apply to one of these PhD programs. The selection for PhD programs is managed by the related hosting university and candidates will apply directly to the official call of the specific PhD.

The salary for PhD positions is approx. 1100 EUR/month (tax exempt).

For all topics, it will be possible (and advised) to organise one visiting student period abroad (typically, 6 months) during the PhD.

Selected candidates will have to formally apply to the official call of the respective Universities.

Post-doc info

IIT regularly opens formal calls for post-doc positions. The topics described below are among the current and future interests of the Institute, and specifically of the Ubiquitous Internet Research Unit. The scouting process is intended to advertise those topics in view of the calls.

Moreover, IIT is a member of the ERCIM consortium, which funds post-doc fellowships under the Alain Bensoussain Program.

Salaries depend on the expertise of the candidate and the specific post-doc instrument.