The Ubiquitous Internet Research Unit of IIT-CNR of IIT-CNR (Pisa, Italy) is scouting for talented candidates for the following PhD and post-doc areas (click on the topic name to download a PDF brochure with full details):

Human-centric explainable and efficient pervasive Artificial Intelligence

  • Description: Decentralised AI working collaboratively on groups of pervasive devices (including personal devices). Emphasis will be one of the following: (i) orchestrating collaboration between devices to attain accurate global AI models; (ii) efficient AI working on resource-constrained devices; (iii) causal-aware AI to model causal relationships during learning across groups of collaborating pervasive devices.
  • Strategic partnerships:
    • HumaneAI-Net, IIT is part of largest EU Network of Excellence Centres on Human-Centric AI;
    • IIT is part of the only National PhD programme on Artificial Intelligence (PhD programme on “AI for Industry 4.0”).

Architectures, Algorithms, and Protocols for the Quantum Internet

  • Description: Architectures, algorithms, and protocols for quantum networks relying on the interconnection of nodes via quantum repeaters, terrestrial or satellite; Integration of quantum technologies and traditional computing and networking.
  • Strategic partnerships:
    • IBM IIT is part of the IBM Quantum Network;
    • Leonardo IIT collaborates with the Leonardo Lab on Quantum Tech.

6G networks and edge computing

  • Description: New networking and computing solutions for 6G and MEC including: advanced network slicing for the edge, Function-as-a-Service edge computing, cooperative wireless energy transfer across nodes, cross layer solutions for 6G networks based on RF, visible light, and intelligent reflecting surfaces communication technologies.
  • Strategic partnerships:
    • SLICES: IIT is part of the largest EU effort on 6G and edge computing Research Infrastructures approved by ESFRI.

Mobile health and digital phenotyping for personalized health services

  • Description: Identification of health digital markers from mobile sensing data for specific user categories and definition of AI-empowered m-health systems for early risk prediction and personalized interventions.
  • Strategic partnerships:
    • Azienda Universitaria Ospedaliera Pisana (AOUP): collaboration on heterogeneous data analysis for neuro-degenerative diseases;
    • RSA Tabaracci - iCARE s.r.l: IIT has a collaboration with the long-term care facility to deploy and evaluate mobile health solutions integrated with AI -tools.

ICT-enabled production optimization in Industry 4.0

  • Description: ICT-driven production efficiency optimisation via targeting fundamental productivity KPIs and developing efficient and reliable cross-layer distributed protocols and algorithms, taking into account the availability of pervasive computing, AI tools, digital twins and the envisioned resilience of the system at hand.
  • Strategic partnerships:
    • IIT is part of the only National PhD programme on Artificial Intelligence (PhD programme on “AI for society”).

Application information

Please refer to here for detailed information on the application process.

General contact: Andrea Passarella


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